こあ ー 天理エリア ー

開催日時:2022年2月11日(金・祝)- 14日(月)
     2月18日(金)- 21日(月)、23日(水・祝)
     2月25日(金)- 28日(月)


会 場:天理本通り商店街の元商店・空き家

入場料:有料 ※チケットの購入方法はこちらをご覧ください。

はならぁと 2021 こあ公式チラシ(pdf形式:9MB)

HANARART Core (Festival Main Area)
ーTenri Area ー

11. Feb (Fri) ‒ 14. Feb (Mon)
18. Feb (Fri) ‒ 21. Feb (Mon), 23 (Wed)
25. Feb (Fri) ‒ 28. Feb (Mon)


出展作家:築山有城、山村祥子、マシュー・ファソーン(Matthew Fasone)、City as Nature ( シティアズネイチャー:Patrick Lydon&Suhee Kang(パトリックライドン& スヒ・カン))、ローレン・カペリ(Loren Capelli)


本展「種を蒔く、それはすべてのはじまり」は、橿原市今井町の空き町家などで開催された『はならぁと 2020』キュレーター企画展覧会「そして、それはいつか土へと」に続く、環境問題をテーマとした展覧会です。





キュレーター 内田 千恵

Sowing Seeds is the Beginning of Everything

This exhibition, entitled “Sowing Seeds is the Beginning of Everything,” relates to the theme of environmental issues, continuing in the spirit of the previous Hanarart curated exhibition "And That Will Become Soil," which took place in 2020.

The previous exhibition was held at vacant traditional Japanese residences in Imai-cho, Kashihara City in Nara Prefecture, Japan. This year, the exhibition comes to Tenri City of Nara Prefecture. Five groups of international contemporary artists from Japan, the United States, France, and Korea have been invited to exhibit their artwork in solo and group exhibitions at vacant stores and houses along the shopping arcade over 1km from Tenri Station.

When a life of an organic matter comes to an end, it will be decomposed and return to the soil. Subsequently, the natural environment has been maintained since ancient times like this; an evolving cycle of sowing and sprouting seeds by various means. Yet this life cycle has become unbalanced due to environmental destruction by humankind. We are witnesses to some of these imminent issues with our own eyes. In this exhibition, each person confronts these issues while reflecting on their own lives in relation to specific environmental problems. In accordance with last year, we continue to examine the relationship between humans and nature by working primarily with nature materials to realize the artworks themselves. The expressions of the five groups of artists variously include 2D work, sculpture, installation, and video, but the works have all progressed through a silent and refined process, like that of sowing seeds.

In these chaotic times, not knowing if the seedling will sprout or if the bud will open, we are nevertheless devoted to trying, and to witnessing what is possible, pushing through to an unknown destination even when the future seems invisible.

Taking this tiny little thing called a “seed” as a new starting point, even the small initiatives to think and act for environmental issues can quickly take root, grow and bud... We sincerely hope that these efforts will arouse dialogues, opportunities, and actions towards a possible future

Curator / Chie Uchida.




日仏現代美術団体 Art 7ten (アールセッテン)運営。



Yuki Tsukiyama


Born in 1976, Hyogo prefecture and currently lives there. Graduated Kyoto University of Arts (sculpture course). He uses many kinds of materials such as metal, resin, wood, and painting; however, his origin is always at materials themselves. He experiments over and over and he calls this “playing” and he grasps the characters of materials themselves from the experiment and he has a consistency that comes from his style. Additionally, he constructs his work with simple elements however, he does not stick with one style and always creates new works with continuous curiosity and open-minded thoughts.

Shoko Yamamura


Born in 1984 in Hyogo.
Her works mainly take forms of performance and installation, focusing on everyday affairs and materials.
She intends to suggest moments of reflection, respect, and generosity in one’s relationship and communication with surroundings through the works that sometimes place the artist as a model.

Matthew Fasone


Born in New York in 1975 and moved to Osaka in 2006. He makes assemblages, collages and installations with found objects. His artwork focusses on the passage of time, time’ s effect on things, the relationship and dichotomy of opposites and the fragility and weathering of the materials he uses.

City as Nature

人間と自然を再び結びつける、エコロジカルメディアとアートの体験を生み出すプロジェクト。 彼らの「City as Nature」スタジオ (大阪と韓国に拠点を置く) は、都市がどのようにエコロジカルな空間であるかを想像するのに役立つ、創造的なエコロジーの実践である。

Patrick M. Lydon and Suhee Kang have worked together since 2011 to produce award-winning ecological media and art experiences that reconnect humans with nature. Their City as Nature studio (based in Osaka, Japan and Daejeon, Korea) is a creative ecology practice, helping both urban leaders and everyday people imagine how cities are ecological spaces.

Patrick M. Lydon

1981 年カリフォルニア生まれ。韓国在住。
サンノゼ州立大学(BA)、愛知芸術大学、エジンバラ大学(MFA)修了。「City as Nature」の設立者であり、芸術編集者です。エコロジーアーティストでありライターでもある。数年間の遊牧生活の後、日本とスコットランドの農民哲学者から学んだ経験が作品に生かされている。

(b. 1981, United States) is an ecological artist and writer. After a decade working with Silicon Valley tech firms, he spent several years living nomadically, learning from farmers, forests, and monks in Japan, Korea, and Scotland. He exhibits internationally, and was an organizing committee member and co-curator of the first Nature of Cities Summit in Paris. He studied at San Jose State University (BA), Aichi University of The Arts, and The University of Edinburgh (MFA), and enjoys befriending old trees and mountains.

Suhee Kang

ライドン氏とともにCity as Natureを設立。
韓国の有力な環境問題についての出版社である Booksense の編集者を経て、伝統的な生活様式に取り組みながら、中東とアジアを旅した。 自然のハーブガーデンの手入れを楽しみ、葉、花、石を作品の素材としている。

(b. 1983, South Korea) is an herbalist and editor. Previously the editor for Booksense, a leading environmental publisher in Seoul, she left to travel throughout the Middle-East and Asia while engaging with traditional ways of living. She subsequently won the Istanbul Cultural Center travel photography grand prize. Kang studied journalism at Sungkyunkwan University (BA) and is also a certified herbalist. She enjoys tending her natural herb garden and making small artworks with flowers.

Loren Capelli

美術学校を卒業後、絵本制作に携わる。現在は、イラストレーション、版画、彫刻、パフォーマンスとメディアにこだわらない作品を制作。2019年に出版された絵本「Cap !」では、フランスの文学賞ソシエール賞を受賞。

Born 1981 in Grenoble, France, lives andworks in Paris. After graduating from art school, she began working on picture books. She is currently working in illustration, printmaking, sculpture,performance and other media. A picture book ” CAP!” published in 2019, which won the French literary prize, the Société

主催:奈良・町家の芸術祭 HANARART 実行委員会、奈良県
〒630-8114 奈良県奈良市芝辻町2丁目6-14 maru room内 「奈良・町家の芸術祭はならぁと事務局」 MAIL:info@hanarart.jp