こあ ー 天理エリア ー

開催日時:2022年10月21日(金)- 24日(月)、26日(水)
     10月28日(金)- 31日(月)


会 場:天理本通り商店街の元商店・空き家

入場料:有料 ※チケットの購入方法はこちらをご覧ください。



アーティスト:奈良田晃治、 ユージン・ソレール、岩谷雪子、 葭村太一、 赤松加奈

・天理エリア チラシ&マップ(pdf形式:7.5MB)

HANARART Core (Festival Main Area)
ーTenri Area ー

Period : 21. Oct (Fri) ‒ 24. Oct (Mon), 26 (Wed)
28. Oct (Fri) ‒ 31. Oct (Mon)
3. Nov (Thu) ‒ 7. Nov (Mon)
Time : 10:00-17:00
Venue : Vacant houses and shops in the Tenri Main Street Shopping Arcade
Ticket : Multi-Venue Ticket Adult 1,000JPN, Student 500 JPN

Curator:Chie Uchida

Coordinator:Natsuki Takahashi (General Incorporated Association Hanamaru)

Arists:Koji Narada, Eugene Soler,Yukiko Iwatani, Taichi Yoshimura, Kana Akamatsu

奈良・町家の芸術際 2020-2022「地球にやさしいエコロジカルな芸術祭」アーカイブ動画

No.1 旧洋服店 奈良田晃治

No.2 旧いわい洋品店 ユージン・ソレール

NO.3 旧青果店 岩谷雪子

No.4 旧サーフ店 葭村太一

No.5 旧荒木邸 赤松加奈


本展「やがて、その芽は花となる」は、「そして、それは土へと」(はならぁと 2020/橿原 今井)、「種を蒔く、それはすべてのはじまり」(はならぁと 2021/天理)に続く、3ヶ年を通して環境問題への関わりを主題とした展覧会の最終章です。





キュレーター 内田 千恵

"Before long, the sprouts will be flowers."

This exhibition "Before long, the sprouts will be flowers" is HANARART 2020 "And, that will become soil", and HANARART 2021 "Sowing Seeds is the Beginning of Everything " third installment and the final chapter of this series of exhibitions with the theme of environmental issues.

The stage, same as last year, is Tenri City, in Nara Prefecture, known as a religious city. There are about 180 stores in the 1km long arcade shopping streets east of Tenri Station, including retail stores, restaurants, service stores, and Tenrikyo-related stores. In open stores or houses in the vicinity, five artists announce their solo exhibitions. The artists have different style, including paintings, sculptures, and installations, but each one of them has researched Nara in detail and stood face-to-face and reflected on themselves when creating their work. In consonance with HANARART’s important philosophy of "carefully preserving old things and passing them on", artists express in their own unique ways, stories deeply rooted in each place. As with the past two years’ exhibitions, the main materials of the works are natural or recycled materials, and at the same time, the creation methods aim to be easy on the environment, considering materials and exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

Our planet Earth, which has been safe since ancient times, is now starting to suffer the collapse of its circulation system. According to the United Nations reports, it is said that about 1 million creatures may be extinct in the next decade, as environmental issues become more serious every day. When each person thinks about this problem, it may look like a huge wall, and it may feel like whatever we do is too small.

However, in the past three years, in an unprecedented situation, we have cultivated the soil with the artists, and in exploring together, we have been sowing seeds. We believe that these exhibitions are small sprouts that connect people, and that they will eventually blossom into large flowers that lead us to the future.

Curator / Chie Uchida.


内田千恵 Curator

キュレーター  Chie Uchida

日仏現代美術団体 Art 7ten (アールセッテン)運営。



奈良田晃治 Koji Narada



Born 1982 in Osaka, graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2006, and has been showing paintings mainly in the Kansai region since 2009. Using the landscapes of his travels and the people in old photographs as motifs, he has created works that utilise the relationship between ground and figure on the canvas and the coincidences created by the glazing technique.
Since 2019, he has been the representative of the Japan-Korea Art Communication Committee.

「伸びた茶畑のドローイング」 2020年 撮影 Tomas Svab

ユージン・ソレール Eugene Soler

会場:旧いわい洋品店 2階

1977年生まれ。オーストラリアの建築家、インスタレーション・アーティスト。オーストラリア、イギリス、フィリピン、現在は奈良を拠点に活動。セントラル硝子国際建築設計競技で2度受賞(第44回、第55回)。2019年 京都文化力プロジェクト野外インスタレーション公募展で大賞を受賞(審査員:安藤忠雄氏 他)。

Born in 1977. Eugene Soler is an Australian Architect and installation artist whose works have been built and exhibited in Australia, UK, the Philippines and Japan. He was twice the recipient of Centralglass International Architecture Design Competition awards (44th and 55th) in Tokyo. In 2019, he was the recipient of the Kyoto Cultural Power Project public space installation judged by Tadao Ando. The work includes installing 50,000 bamboo reeds to create a temporary public park in Kyoto City.
His works are site specific and investigates how the body experiences time/space, culture, meaning and forgotten memories. He experiments with materials' performative qualities and explores its spatial possibilities in order to re-discover relationships with nature and our surroundings.
Currently based in Nara, he is working on creative ways to renovate abandoned houses (Akiya) as well as collaborating with local artists.

Photo : Takeru Koroda (c)Kyoto Power of Culture Project, Kyoto Art Center

岩谷雪子 Yukiko Iwatani

作品名「薬草たちの囁き -Whispers of Medicinal Plants-」

1958 年札幌市生まれ、高知市在住。武蔵野美術大学日本画科卒業。植物による立体、映像、インスタレーション等の作品を制作。彼ら(植物)から感じたものをできるだけ損なわぬよう気をつけながら、彼らの魅力的な姿をアートとして再構成し、私達の周りに実は存在しているたくさんの生命の声を聴く、或は彼らを感じるための場を作っている。

Born 1958 in Hokkaido, lives and works in Kochi. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Japanese Painting. Produces sculptures, videos, installations and other works using plants. While taking care not to lose as much as possible of what she feels from them (plants), she reconstructs their fascinating forms as art and creates places where we can listen to the voices of the many lives that actually exist around us, or feel them.

「薬草たちの囁き ヤマトトウキ・婦人薬」2022

葭村太一 Taichi Yoshimura

作品名「Daddy's Revival」


Born 1986 in Hyogo Prefecture. Focusing on 'traces' that have dissolved into everyday life, he creates works from the unseen and uncertain parts that may exist behind these traces. He questions the sense of time perception by preserving the time of things that forget and disappear.

「 Imitation or mimic」 2021
写真クレジット 大槻智央

赤松加奈 Kana Akamatsu


2015年 京都造形芸術大学大学院 芸術表現専攻 修了。

Born 1990, lives in Nara.
Completed postgraduate studies in Artistic Expression at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2015.
Awarded the Grand Prize at the Gunma Youth Biennale 2019.
She paints while married and farming, and has also interacted with children at high schools and free schools through painting.

730 × 610 × 30mm

主催:奈良・町家の芸術祭 HANARART 実行委員会、奈良県
〒630-8114 奈良県奈良市芝辻町2丁目6-14 maru room内 「奈良・町家の芸術祭はならぁと事務局」 MAIL:info@hanarart.jp