会場:今井まちなみ交流センター華甍( はないらか)


Koutarou Ushijima

Born in 1978 in Fukuoka, have been living in Matsuyama City since 2017.

Graduated from the sculpture course at Seian University of Arts and Design in 2001, also completed art environment studies at the graduate school of Kyoto University of the Arts.

“Words” are always used in his creations. Besides Japan, also active in Germany, Taiwan, China, and New Caledonia. In addition to his large-scale works in public areas such as Kansai International Airport, along with open spaces and show windows of various department stores, he also has a huge amount of art projects, solo and group exhibitions in both rural and metropolitan areas all over the country.

Releasing a publication “A one sheet story- the incompatible day” (Ariesbooks) in April 2020.





Gaku Kurokawa

Born in Shimane in 1994, lives and works in Kyoto.

Graduated from Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment of Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016, also attained an art research master’s degree at Kyoto City University of Arts as a sculpture major.

Presenting shapes, sounds, repeated movements, and many other concepts physically captured in life in various formats such as performances, sculpture, images, projects as new interpretations.





Natsuki Takahashi

Born in 1971, in Chiba, lives and works in Nara. Completed the sculpture course of the graduate school of Tokyo Gakugei University in 1998.

She brings out the woods all by herself from Muro, Uda City in Nara, and creates forest fairies and imaginary creatures from the natural materials such as woods, leaves of hardwoods, and conifers in a technique called “wooden heart dry lacquer”, in which lacquer and linen cloth are laminated before gold leaves are added.

“Humans, in fact, belong to the natural world, and I believe that humans and nature should had been much closer in the past- that is a memory of mine. Since I was a child, I have been constantly thinking that humans are simply like animals and insects that we all see things in the same way. I create my works so as to express the message that humans can be a part of nature and we are being embraced. “



会場:今井蘇武橋公園(そぶばし) / 旧西町生活広場

*蘇武橋公園で展示中の野村由香さんの作品「Repetitive at Imai」は、土日のみ公開制作しております。雨天時は、シートを被せておりますのでご了承くださいませ。


Yuka Nomura

Born in 1994 in Gifu, lives and works in Kyoto.

2019 MFA in sculpture, Kyoto City University of Art, Japan

Human is a part of a massive cycle. Accepting the environment given by mother nature and make different choices. Everyday routine like cooking and eating is continuously captured, recreated so as to form a worldview as the focus of expression.

「Repetitive Activity」2019




Seiko Yamamoto

Born in 1981 in Osaka.
2006 M.A Graduate school of Major in Art and Design,
2004 B.A. of Fine Arts Department, sculpture course, Osaka University of Art

Her hometown was developed with the Osaka Expo in 1970 as an ideal city of those days. Also now, it is really convenient to live. However, she used to feel something wrong with the town and the modern life there. One of the most important her series is made of apartments plans. It was made based on what she has felt in her hometown, it means some homogeneous atmosphere of the modern era.
In these years, through the experience in Taiwan, in Mexico, in the Netherlands, etc., her interest is expanding more than before into the relation between body and environment around the body with theme “color”.
2020, Red which dropped on tip of Black – “Good night, Good weather, isn’t it ??”( Young Gallery, Pier-2 Art Center/Kaohsiung, Taiwan),2019 Madou Sugar Industrial art triennial (Tainan/Taiwan)
2013-2014 stay in Mexico as a fellowship by POLA Art Foundation. Participated in the artist in residency programs in Taiwan 2018 and 2020, in the Netherlands in 2014 and Japan in 2010.
Joined to many group exhibitions and did many solo exhibitions.
Be award The Grand Prize “Tokyo Midtown Award 2011” and The Grand Prize “Rokko meets Art 2011”

「ー黒の先に落ちた赤ー おやすみ、いい天気だね。」2020

川野直紀 + 栁澤景子




Naoki Kawano

Born in Kumamoto in 1988, lives and works in Paris.
2010 graduated from Fukuoka University , Fukuoka
2012 graduated from Blake College of Art & Design London,UK
2013 graduated from Ravensbourne College of Desing & Communication London , UK
Naoki Kawano is a Paris based,Japanese born artist,who is addicted to the individual emotional response viewers have once put face to face with his art works.He is especially drawn to the use of delicate and sensitive materials in order to evoke a strong emotional reaction. whether through painting,Sculpture or photography, he is constantly exploring the other sides of our reality and through his art he merges multiple realms into one , in ours.

「untitle」 2017



Keiko Yanagisawa

Born in Kumamoto in 1988, lives and works in Paris.
2010 graduated from Obirin University , Tokyo
2012 graduated from Blake College of Art & Design London,UK
Keiko Yanagisawa is an artist who channels her energy in the traditional Japanese style and colour with a modern and personal twist.
She finds her inspiration mostly from nature.Her work is usually represented by delicate lines depicting flore through elegant and fragile pen drawings.


宮坂直樹 + アンヌ=シャルロット・イヴェール




Naoki Miyasaka

Born 1985, Chiba, Japan. Lives and work in Kyoto and Paris.
2010 Master of Fine Arts, Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
2016 Ph.D in Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Naoki Miyasaka interprets the medium as a perceptual support and considers the concept of space as appeared in various perceptions. He also reinterprets functionalism theories such as Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon and Le Corbusier's Modurol into a means of inferring the perception of others.

Three Spaces 2019
撮影 : 加藤健、画像提供 : Tokyo Arts and Space



Anne-Charlotte Yver

Born 1987, Saint-Mandé, France. Lives and works in Paris
2011 Master of Fine Arts, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
In its blend of control and chaos, Anne-Charlotte Yver's sculptural project is infinite. Her experimental constructions, shaped by successive adjustments, reveal their own materialities’ transformation processes and the conditions of their existences in the space. By investing in the architectures that host them, they create immersive environments that modify their course and perception.

Leaking Point, 2020
撮影:Simon Castelli-Kerec , courtesy :Les Tanneries - CAC, Amilly

主催:奈良・町家の芸術祭 HANARART 実行委員会、奈良県
〒630-8114 奈良県奈良市芝辻町2丁目6-14 maru room内 「奈良・町家の芸術祭はならぁと事務局」 MAIL:info@hanarart.jp



はならぁとを つくる人びと、その活動と記録。「HA:Re」Vol.4 ダウンロード(pdf形式:5.6MB)


はならぁと2020 当日サポーター募集中