Ms &Mr シュウ






Ms & Mr Shu
Born in 1956.Graduated from Kwanseigakuin University. Lived in the USA in 1979 (performance televising). Shu is Ms dancing in an original mask and clothes who has amazed and amused a lot of spectators, and Mr who has created painting works and sculptures as considering the value of living, after Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake the way of thinking changed largely.

■Main Activities as a painter and sculptor
Art Unidentified Contemporary Art International exhibitions:1995-99 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, 96 Finland, 97 Paris, 03 Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor, 04 07 08 Harado-no-mori Museum, 05 Biennale di Venezia, 09Caso, 10 Former Raw Silk Chamber, 12 Gallery 1, 14 Art Space, 15Museo Hermann Nitsch in Napoli
Shinsho Fine Art exhibition: :1994-2007 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Aichi Prefectural Art Museum, Kyoto City Museum , Osaka Municipal Museum of Art ,etc
05 Kobe Newspaper “Contemporary art representing of flood damage and an earthquake disaster” 08 Nippon Broadcasting Corporation A little child’s statue made of corrugated paper was introduced on “News Terrace”
City exhibitions:2005-2015 Itami, Kawanishi,, Nishinomiya, Ikeda,Himezi,Toyonaka
Koimaru exhibitions :2005-2013 in Hamayasiki ,2012 13 Kizugawa Art

■Main workshops and projects
Workshops:Cutting pictures(2006 Sakai City Hall ,09 Morinomiya Youth Hall, 10 Mosaic in Sannomiya) ,Dancing with children with ”“Let’s Enjoy Contemporary Art Party(2010-2015 Suita City Museum ,Yamada Friendship Center, Yamada Community Center ,Dream Connection Future Hall, Oike Community Center) ,Handicraft class (2011-15 Kizugawa Art ,International Workshop Festival Doors 6th ・ 8th ・ 9th ,Doppuri Showa-cho 7th・ 8th ・ 10th ,Hanara-to ,Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale)
Projects:2006 Production of signs for fitting one’s own face into (Hamayashiki, Tampopo-no-ie, Suita City Museum) ,07 Hankai Train Event decorated with art works
Instructor: 2006 Seminar “Reviving a town by art”( Morinomiya Youth Hall) ,07Wall painting 54m-long (Denpo Port in Konohana-ward) ,09-15 Tunnel art by “Let’s Enjoy Contemporary Art Party”
Other adornings:2010 The stage of opera “Carmen”(Hyogo Art And Culture Center) ,Mosaic Spring Art Fair in Sannomiya

■Main Performance
1995 Cross Crucifixion at Koshienhama dumping ground of “Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake” ,02 headstone 03 “Cocoon Cultivation Box Of A Wind” (Kyoto /Osaka Municipal Museum of Art) 2001-2007 Dancing in the air 30m high hung by a crane truck (07 Asahi Broadcasting televising) 04 hotel dinner show ,fashion show in Daisen Ancient Burial Mound Park 05 Midosuji parade , Shitennoji Temple (NHK news televising) 06 “A Secret Base, Romanticism” movie appearance, Ground open of Nara-Muro Art Forest ,07 Matsuo-Taisha Shrine , Art Hankai Train , 08 Matsuo-Taisha Shrine , AFURIRANPO live (Shanguria) ,24 Hours TV charity concert (Ikutama Shrine) ,school festival in Osaka Education University l 09 3 ・15 Festival (Morinoiya Youth Hall), “The Primitive World ” movie appearance , “Pandora’s Box” event (Club Passion) ,2011-14 Kizugawa Art, Nishinomiya Funazaka Biennale , Sky Lantern at Pingxi District and Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village in Taiwan etc

■Main Awards
Ten-sho (the most excellent award) of The 48th Shinsyo Fine Art Exhibition (05), Kyoto Governor Award (03), Kyoto Mayor Award (96), Osaka Mayor Award (97, 99, 04), Osaka Prefecture / City School Board Of Education Award (94, 95, 96, 02), The first paiting Award (05)/the second Contemporary Art Award (10)/the third Contemporary Art Award(13)/the third sculpture award (07) of Kawanishi City Exhibition ,the second Painting Mayor Award of Itami City Exhibition(05),the first sculpture Award(09)/Art Association Award (10) of Ikeda City Exhibition , (09) art , Shimamoto Shozo Award of AU contemporary Art International Exhibition (04), Otani Memorial Art Museum Award (08, 09)/the third School Board Of Education (13)/ Nishinomiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award (14) of Nishinomiya City Exhibition,Special Judge’s Award of Komimaru Exhibition (11), the first sculpture Mayor Award (12)/ Art Association Award (13)/the third Himeji Municipal Museum Of Art Award (14)/ Cultural Foundation For International Mixing Award(15) of Himeji City Exhibition , the third Art Association Award (13) /the second School Board Of Education Award (14) of Toyonaka City Exhibition etc